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Intimate NYE micro wedding

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Elizabeth and Peter favored a micro wedding ceremony at their home surrounded by just their children and close family. They chose New Year’s eve for their date and hired a few vendors to make it a truly memorable affair. For photography they chose Helena and Laurent and I was so excited to work with Helena again in such a personal setting. I absolutely loved her work on Kathryn and Saagar’s wedding at Deer Park Villa. I still find myself falling into every frame whenever I look over her photographs.

Micro weddings bring the ceiling down figuratively and the focus becomes so much more personal. When you remove the noise of a crowd you really notice the details more acutely.

The details make it personal

Personal flower adornments have always been a wedding tradition and are how we convey reverence for the person wearing them. They inspire us to consider who the person is and what roll they play within the context of the moment.

Pro tip:

Personal flowers require special attention and preparation to ensure the blooms hold up and look beautiful for several hours without a water source. I use a hydration chamber or Damp box to ensure the flower blooms are fully hydrated before creating the boutonnieres and corsages. This process consists of spraying each bloom with water, covering them with wet paper towels and placing them in an air tight container. I prep the blooms the day before I assemble the personal flowers then place them in the cooler for at least 24 hours. The blooms will hydrate, fluff up and perform beautifully when special care is taken to prepare them.

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"More people gave compliments about the floral pieces than any other aspect of the wedding event. They were simply perfect."

"they were simply perfect."

Not only did I absolutely love her work, I also appreciated her energy, honesty, and professionalism.

"Honesty + professionalism"

"Her artistic sense is flawless and the way she paired different colors brought what we dreamt of into life."

"...Artistic sense is flawless"

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